The Philippine Science Heritage Center (PSHC) or SALINLAHI (meaning "heirloom of a generation") was conceptualized and established to serve as a resource center of significant contributions of Filipinos in the world of science. It is also a commitment of the Science Community to bring science and technology closer to the public, and eventually, to promote a strong science and technology culture in the country. It was inaugurated last 14th December 1998 as the contribution of the National Academy of Science and Technology to the Philippine Centennial Celebrations.

As a prime science center of the Government, Salinlahi documents and displays the works, ideas, and other scientific achievements of Filipino scientists who have helped improve the quality of human lives and significantly contributed to the worldwide advancement of science and technology. Through educational and informative materials such as books, booklets, leaflets, brochures, videos, and the like, Salinlahi helps enhance science awareness in the public and contributes to enhancing science education in the country.

"The Philippine Science Heritage Center (Salinlahi) is a convergence of our culture's most creative, inventive and important contributions to science. Salinlahi is a legacy for Filipinos to come."

Moreso, through special seminars, lectures, fora, and similar activities with scientists as speakers, Salinlahi envisages that the public will have a better understanding and appreciation of various scientific contributions the Philippines has made to the world of science. Students are also encouraged and motivated to pursue a career in science in the hope that they too will be able to make significant and perhaps more important contributions to S&T and the humanity.